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Sunday Funday

May 19, 2010

Most of my days include a good bit of HGTV and at the very least an episode or two of House Hunters (I kind of miss Suzanne Wong BTW though I used to consider her completely annoying).  But Sunday offered up a different kind of House Hunters – as in the real life kind.  Not for Chad and I but for Gigi, Sophia and Eric.  I LOVE looking at houses.  First and foremost because I am nosy.  I am the nosiest person I know, and I know this because I am nosy enough to ask.  I live to see the inside of someone’s house and I die to see their closet.  So yeah, house hunting is at the top of my list of fun things to do – a close second would be drinking wine.  Can you imagine a house tour/wine tasting, just think of the possibilities. 

Back to the hunt.  We visited several homes.  The first one was just lovely; crown molding, bright rooms, well decorated, and good neighborhood.  The fact that I spotted a spider could hardly be counted as a negative – though two spiders might have knocked down the overall rating and a roach would have killed the entire rating.  By the way, it was Gigi and Eric who were rating since they were buying but I can still have my opinions.  The second home, not so much.  Low ceilings and a lack of any kind of light was a real turn off.  Not to mention the parking lot of bumper to bumper cars at a nearby neighbor’s house.  The white custom van from 1992 was a real plus though in case Gigi and Eric ever need to take a road trip or have 6 kids.

At house number three we were greeted by a shirtless forty something man doing yard work.  Awkward.  He had the kind of build where you could tell he bench pressed every day while also downing cheese burgers.  Anyway a mixture of poorly planned Do-It-Yourself jobs combined to make an underwhelming impression.  But Gigi and I decided he was newly divorced and trying to get rid of a house too big – it seemed he only needs room for a water bed and workout room now.  The divorce story was later confirmed when Chad thanked him for letting us view the home.  We so called it!

The fourth home, oh the fourth home.  The selling agent stated that the sellers “no longer cared about the

  1. No electricity

  2. Bags of trash

  3. Filthy carpet (we were unwilling to verify the brown lump and accompanying stain)

  4. Scary toilets

  5. Something rustling in the closet (either that underwear had legs or there was a mouse)

  6. Get ready for the topper

  7. Are you ready

  8. A green pool full of THOUSANDS of tadpoles and a few full grown frogs 

That was quite enough for our tour.  We couldn’t get outside quick enough.  Poor Sophia was not pleased and she made it clear that she would not be having any play dates in that home.  Ever.

The fifth home was nice, nothing amazing but nice.

So back to the hunt we go which hopefully means that I get to snoop around in stranger’s homes some more!  It is not beneath me to thumb through clothing or scourer the property for family photos.  That’s just how I roll.  If you leave me alone in your home I will probably rummage through something.  But don’t worry, I’m not a klepto or anything just an eternally curious girl.  Hence my obsession with reality TV.

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  1. Gigi permalink
    May 19, 2010 12:57 pm

    Oh there is definitely more snooping in your future. Sunday we are hitting the pavement again and this time no Phia girl. Just think you can find more cute dresses in strangers closets! 🙂

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