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Given that I am typically more verbose than really necessary this section could be quite long.  But in the essence of time, and considering that blog readers aren’t expecting a novel so much as a quick blurb, I will keep it short.  Crap, I already spent 42 words on how I was going to be concise and to the point. 

Anyhow, I graduated from UNT in 2003 with a useless degree but my 4 5 years were well spent volunteering going to mixers, applying for internships waitressing, becoming a wine connoisseur drinking cheap vodka and Sprite, and meeting suitable husbands at church functions chasing after fraternity boys.  I took all of this knowledge and applied it to my position as an Operations Manager, where I have worked ever since.

I am teetering on the edge of my 30s and not that pleased about it (but it’s better than the alternative).  I live in Frisco with my husband Chad, dog Chewy, and 587 bunnies that like to drive the dog insane.  I used to blog about how much I hated working out and refused to even entertain the idea…now I work out regularly and abide by a gluten free diet, so you can already see that I am consistent in my opinions.  I watch a lot of reality TV but record most of it so that I can more efficiently enjoy my smut by fast forwarding through the commercials.

I love laying out and acquiring as much sun damage as possible, any real Texas girl does.  I also enjoy eating out at chain restaurants where I know what to expect and can order a cheap glass of wine, none of those quaint individually owned places for me (unless they too have cheap wine and grilled chicken salads).  I have a very close group of friends whom I love, they keep me from spending my weekends watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  I have a great family too……..wait, what was that I said about keeping it short, somewhere in paragraph 1.  Crap.  Ok.  That’s all.  Except that I am very organized, to a fault, and I drive Chad crazy always picking up behind him and accidentally throwing important mail away because it’s cluttering the kitchen.

P.S. I have naturally blonde hair but I go every 4 four weeks to put some brown streaks in, you know, so nobody thinks it’s not natural (yeah right).

ChadsBday 003







(That’s me in the green.)

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